Formal Languages and Automata Theory

Formal Languages and Automata TheoryFree Download Formal Languages and Automata Theory Book in PDF written by K. V. N Sunitha (Principal BVRIT Hyderabad College of Engineering for Women Nizampet, Hyderabad) & N. Kalyani (Professor Department of Computer Science Engineering G. Narayanamma Institute of Technology and science Hyderabad) and Published by Pearson India Education Services Pvt. Ltd. 

According to the Authors, “Formal Languages and Automata Theory is a branch of computer science and mathematics that deals with the mathematical abstraction model of computation and its relation to Formal Languages. It becomes increasingly important to revisit theoretical foundations, learn the appropriate techniques for answering theory-based questions, and build one’s confidence in implementing this knowledge when building computer applications. Students study this subject because it helps any real-time problem to be explained with abstract models, formulated in a simple way that can be analyzed and used to prove results. Knowledge of set theory and proof by induction are helpful prerequisites of the subject.

There are a number of excellent books on the sub-fields of computational theory, which include logic, automata theory and computational complexity. However, there is no single book on the subject that covers theory and solved problems, especially in automata theory, with equal emphasis on both these vital elements. Our primary motivation to write this book has been to share our professional experience with students to bridge the gap between their theoretical knowledge and ability to find solutions to a variety of problems using theoretical concepts. In our treatment of the theory and its practical application, we further strive to increase their confidence levels in applying the ideas and proof techniques in diverse environments.

About the Book

This book is intended to expose students to the theoretical development of computer science. It also provides conceptual tools that practitioners use in computer engineering. It also equips the student to design new programming languages for specialized applications through its thorough treatment of grammars and different automatas. Problem-solving skills are essential for learning any mathematical subject. This book provides an assortment of problems illustrative of each method. Each of these problems is solved in all possible ways for the student’s benefit. The book also presents exercises that are as much thought-provoking as they are challenging and are designed to hone the student’s analytical skills.

Table of Contents

  1. Mathematical Preliminaries and Formal Languages
  2. Finite Automata
  3. Regular Languages and Regular Grammars
  4. Context Free Grammars and Context Free Languages
  5. Push Down Automata
  6. Turing Machines
  7. Undecidability and Computability
  8. Non-deterministic Polynomial Completeness
  9. LR(k) and LL(1) Grammars
  10. Appendixes

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