Elements of Programming Interviews in Java

Elements of Programming Interviews in JavaFree download Elements of Programming Interviews in Java in PDF written by Adnan Aziz (Research Scientist at Facebook), Tsung-Hsien Lee (Senior Software Engineer at Uber), Amit Prakash (Co-Founder & CTO of ToughtSpot). 

According to the Authors, “The most important part of interview preparation is knowing the material and practicing problem solving. However, the nontechnical aspects of interviewing are also very important, and often overlooked. Chapters 1-3 are concerned with the nontechnical aspects of interviewing, ranging from r6sum6 preparation to how hiring decisions are made. These aspects of interviewing are summarized in Table 1.1 on the following page.”


Study Guide

Ideally, you would prepare for an interview by solving all the problems in EPI. This is doable over 12 months if you solve a problem a day, where solving entails writing a program and getting it to work on some test cases.

Since different candidates have different time constraints, we have outlined several study scenarios, and recommended a subset of problems for each scenario. This information is summarized in Table 1.2 on Page 9. The preparation scenarios we consider are Hackathon (a weekend entirely devoted to preparation), finals cram (one week, 3-4 hours per day), term project (four weeks, 1.5-2.5 hours per day), and algorithms class (3-4 months,1 hour per day).

The problems in EPI are meant to be representative of the problems you will encounter in an interview. If you need a data structure and algorithms refresher, take a look at the EPI website, which includes a collection of review problems that will get you ready for EPI more quickly that a textbook would.

A large majority of the interview questions at Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and similar companies are drawn from the topics in Chapters 5-15. Exercise common sense when using Table1.2, e.g., if you are interviewing for a position with a financial firm, do more problems related to probability.

Although an interviewer may occasionally ask a question directly from EPI, you should not base your preparation on memorizing solutions. Rote learning will likely lead to your giving a perfect solution to the wrong problem.

Chapter 25 contains a diverse collection of challenging questions. Use them to hone your problem solving skills, but go to them only after you have made major inroads into the earlier chapters. If you have a graduate degree, or claim specialized knowledge, you should definitely solve some problems from Chapter 25.

Table of Contents

  1. Getting Ready
  2. Strategies for a good Interview
  3. Conducting an Interview
  4. Problem Solving
  5. Primitive Types
  6. Arrays
  7. Strings
  8. Linked Lists
  9. Stacks and Queues
  10. Binary Trees
  11. Heaps
  12. Searching
  13. Hash Tables
  14. Sorting
  15. Binary Search Trees
  16. Recursion
  17. Dynamic Programming
  18. Greedy Algorithms and Invariants
  19. Graphs
  20. Parallel Computing
  21. Design Problems
  22. Language Questions
  23. Object-Oriented Design
  24. Common Tools
  25. Honors Class
  26. Notation and Index       

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