C++ Primer Fifth Edition

C++ PrimerFree download C++ Primer Fifth Edition in Pdf written by Stanely B. Lippman, Josee Lajoie, Barbara E. Moo and published by Addison Wesley. 

According to the Authors, “Countless programmers have learned C++ from previous editions of C++ Primer . During that time, C++ has matured greatly: Its focus, and that of its programming community, has widened from looking mostly at machine efficiency to devoting more attention to programmer efficiency. In 2011, the C++ standards committee issued a major revision to the ISO C++ standard. This revised standard is latest step in C++’s evolution and continues the emphasis on programmer efficiency. The primary goals of the new standard are to 

  • Make the language more uniform and easier to teach and to learn
  • Make the standard libraries easier, safer, and more efficient to use
  • Make it easier to write efficient abstractions and libraries

New to This Edition

  • New to this edition of C++ Primer are icons in the margins to help guide the reader. C++ is a large language that offers capabilities tailored to particular kinds of programming problems. Some of these capabilities are of great import for large project teams but might not be necessary for smaller efforts. As a result, not every programmer needs to know every detail of every feature. We’ve added these marginal icons to help the reader know which parts can be learned later and which topics are more essential.
  • Marked sections that cover the fundamentals of the language with an image of a person studying a book. The topics covered in sections marked this way form the core part of the language. Everyone should read and understand these sections.
  • Indicated those sections that cover advanced or special-purpose topics. These sections can be skipped or skimmed on a first reading. We’ve marked such sections with a stack of books to indicate that you can safely put down the book at that point. It is probably a good idea to skim such sections so you know that the capability exists. However, there is no reason to spend time studying these topics until you actually need to use the feature in your own programs.
  • To help readers guide their attention further, Authors have noted particularly tricky concepts with a magnifying-glass icon. We hope that readers will take the time to understand thoroughly the material presented in the sections so marked. In at least some of these sections, the import of the topic may not be readily apparent; but we think you’ll find that these sections cover topics that turn out to be essential to understanding the language.

Table of Contents

  1. Getting Started
  2. Variables and Basic Types
  3. Strings, Vectors and Arrays
  4. Expressions
  5. Statements
  6. Functions
  7. Classes
  8. The IO Library
  9. Sequential Containers
  10. Generic Algorithms
  11. Associative Containers
  12. Dynamic Memory
  13. Copy Control
  14. Overloaded Operations and Conversions
  15. Object Oriented Programming
  16. Templates and Generic Programming
  17. Specialized Library Facilities
  18. Tools for large Programs
  19. Specialized Tools and Techniques
  20. Appendixes

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