Beginning programming with Python for dummies

Beginning Programming with PythonFree download Beginning programming with Python for dummies (2nd Edition) in PDF written by John Paul Muller and published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 

According to the Author, “Python is an example of a language that does everything right within the domain of things that it’s designed to do. This isn’t just me saying it, either: Programmers have voted by using Python enough that it’s now the fifth-ranked language in the world . The amazing thing about Python is that you really can write an application on one platform and use it on every other platform that you need to support. In contrast to other programming languages that promised to provide platform independence, Python really does make that independence possible. In this case, the promise is as good as the result you get. Python emphasizes code readability and a concise syntax that lets you write applications using fewer lines of code than other programming languages require.

About this Book

Beginning Programming with Python For Dummies, 2nd Edition is all about getting up and running with Python quickly. You want to learn the language fast so that you can become productive in using it to perform your real job, which could be anything. Unlike most books on the topic, this one starts you right at the beginning by showing you what makes Python different from other languages and how it can help you perform useful work in a job other than programming. As a result, you gain an understanding of what you need to do from the start, using hands-on examples and spending a good deal of time performing actually useful tasks. You even get help with installing Python on your particular system.

Table of Contents

  1. Talking to Your Computer
  2. Getting Your Own Copy of Python
  3. Interacting with Python
  4. Writing Your First Application
  5. Working with Anaconda
  6. Storing and Modifying Information
  7. Managing Information
  8. Making Decisions
  9. Performing Repetitive Tasks
  10. Dealing with Errors
  11. Interacting with Packages
  12. Working with Strings
  13. Managing Lists
  14. Collecting All Sorts of Data
  15. Creating and Using Classes
  16. Storing Data in Files
  17. Sending an Email
  18. Ten Amazing Programming Resources
  19. Ten Ways to Make a Living with Python
  20. Ten Tools That Enhance Your Python Experience
  21. Ten (Plus) Libraries You Need to Know About

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