Assembly Language: Step-by-Step in PDF

Assembly LanguageFree download Assembly Language Step by Step in PDF written by Jeff Duntemann (Editor-in-Chief, PC Techniques) and published by John Wiley & Sons Inc. 

According to the Author, “More than anyone else, this book was written for you. Starting with assembly language would not be most people’s first choice in a computer language, but it’s been done; it can be done, and it can be done with less agony than you might think. Still, it’s a novel aim for a computer book, and I’d like you to do a little quality control for me and tell me how I’m doing. While you’re going through this book, ask yourself once in a while: is it working? And if  not, why not? If I lose you somewhere in the discussion, jot a note in the margin. Tell me where I lost you. If possible, tell me why. (And saying, “I just don’t get it” is perfectly acceptable, as long as you tell me where in the book you were when you started not to get it.) As with all my books, I hope to keep this one in print well into the 21st century, revising it as need be to hone my technique and follow the technology. Telling me how the book works or doesn’t work will, in time, help me make a better book.  

By design, this is a serial-access book. I wrote it to be read like one of those bad/wonderful novels, starting at page one and moving right along to the end. Virtually all of the chapters depend on the chapters that came before them, and if you read a chapter here and a chapter there, there’s some danger that the whole thing won’t gel. If you’re already familiar with programming, you could conceivably skip Chapters 0,1, and 2. But why not assume there’s a hole or two in parts of your experience and a little rust on the rest? Skill is not simply knowledge, but the resonance that comes of seeing how different facets of knowledge reinforce one another.

Table of Content

  1. Alien Bases
  2. Lifting the Hood
  3. The Right to Assemble
  4. Learning and Using Jed
  5. An Uneasy Alliance
  6. Following your Instructions
  7. Our Object All Sublime
  8. Dividing and Conquering
  9. Bits, Flags, Branches and Tables
  10. Stringing them UP
  11. O Brave New World , A Short History of the CPU Wars
  12. Conclusion

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