Artificial Intelligence for Dummies

Artificial Intelligence for DummiesFree Download Artificial Intelligence for Dummies Book in PDF written by John Paul Mueller & Luca Massaron and Published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Artificial Intelligence For Dummies starts by helping you understand AI, especially what AI needs to work and why it has failed in the past. You also discover the basis or some of the issues with AI today and how those issues might prove to be nearly impossible to solve in some cases. Of course, along with the issues, you also discover the fixes for some problems and consider where scientists are taking AI in search of answers.

For a technology to survive, it must have a group of solid applications that actually work. It also must provide a payback to investors with the foresight to invest in the technology. In the past, AI failed to achieve critical success because it lacked some of these features. AI also suffered from being ahead of its time: True AI needed to wait for the current hardware to actually succeed. Today, you can find AI used in various computer applications and to automate processes. It’s also relied on heavily in the medical field and to help improve human interaction. AI is also related to data analysis, machine learning, and deep learning. Sometimes these terms can prove confusing, so one of the reasons to read Artificial Intelligence For Dummies is to discover how these technologies interconnect.

This book isn’t the end of your AI discovery experience; it’s really just the beginning. We provide online content to make this book more flexible and better able to meet your needs. That way, as John receives email from you, we can address questions and tell you how updates to AI or its associated technologies affect book content.

Table of Contents

  1. Introducing AI.
  2. Defining the Role of Data.
  3. Considering the Use of Algorithms.
  4. Pioneering Specialized Hardware.
  5. Seeing AI Uses in Computer Applications.
  6. Automating Common Processes.
  7. Using AI to Address Medical Needs.
  8. Relying on AI to Improve Human Interaction.
  9. Performing Data Analysis for AI.
  10. Employing Machine Learning in AI.
  11. Improving AI with Deep Learning.
  12. Developing Robots
  13. Flying with Drones.
  14. Utilizing the AI-Driven Car.
  15. Understanding the Nonstarter Application.
  16. Seeing AI in Space
  17. Adding New Human Occupations.
  18. Ten AI-Safe Occupations
  19. Ten Substantial Contributions of AI to Society.
  20. Ten Ways in Which AI Has Failed

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