AQA A Level Computer Science

Free download AQA A Level Computer Science Book Includes AS and A-Level in PDF Written by Bob Reeves and Published by Hodder Education.

AQA A-Level Computer Science is a comprehensive and authoritative textbook designed to help students prepare for the AQA Computer Science A-Level exams. This book covers all the essential topics required for the AQA Computer Science specification and provides students with a deep understanding of computer systems, programming concepts, and algorithm design. Written by experienced teachers and examiners, this book offers clear explanations, real-world examples, and practice questions to help students develop their understanding and skills. With its accessible and engaging writing style, this book is an excellent resource for anyone studying AQA A-Level Computer Science.

The book is organized into chapters that cover each topic in depth, with clear explanations of complex concepts and detailed examples to illustrate key ideas. The authors have also included practical exercises and projects to help students apply their knowledge and develop their programming skills.

Whether you are an experienced computer science student or just starting out, AQA A-Level Computer Science is the perfect guide to help you succeed in your exams. With its comprehensive coverage, practical exercises, and engaging writing style, this book is sure to be an essential resource for anyone studying AQA A-Level Computer Science.

Table of Content

  1. Programming basics
  2. Programming concepts
  3. Basic operations in programming languages
  4. Subroutines, local and global variables
  5. Structured programming
  6. Object-oriented programming concepts
  7. Data Structures and abstract data types
  8. Queues and stacks
  9. Graphs and trees
  10. Hash tables and dictionaries
  11. Vectors
  12. Graph and tree traversal
  13. Dijkstra’s shortest path algorithm
  14. Search algorithms – binary, binary tree and linear search
  15. Reverse Polish Notation
  16. Sorting algorithms – bubble and merge
  17. Abstraction and automation
  18. Finite state machines
  19. The Turing machine
  20. Regular and context-free languages
  21. Maths for regular expressions
  22. Big O notation and classification of algorithms
  23. Number systems
  24. Number bases
  25. The binary number system
  26. Coding systems
  27. Encryption
  28. Hardware and software
  29. Classification of programming languages and translation
  30. Boolean algebra
  31. Logic gates
  32. Internal hardware of a computer
  33. The stored program concept and processor components
  34. The processor instruction set and addressing modes
  35. External hardware devices
  36. Moral, ethical, legal and cultural issues
  37. Communication basics
  38. Networks
  39. The Internet
  40. Internet security
  41. Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
  42. The client-server model
  43. Relational databases
  44. Structured query language (SQL)
  45. Big data
  46. Basics of functional programming
  47. Writing functional programs
  48. Aspects of software development
  49. Non-exam assessment (NEA)

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