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A Tour of C++Free Download A Tour of C++ in PDF written by Bjarne Stroustrup and published by Addison-Wesley Professional.

According to the Author, “C++ feels like a new language. That is, I can express my ideas more clearly, more simply, and more directly in C++11 than I could in C++98. Furthermore, the resulting programs are better checked by the compiler and run faster.

Like other modern languages, C++ is large and there are a large number of libraries needed for effective use. This thin book aims to give an experienced programmer an idea of what constitutes modern C++. It covers most major language features and the major standard-library components. This book can be read in just a few hours but, obviously, there is much more to writing good C++ than can be learned in a day. However, the aim here is not mastery, but to give an overview, to give key examples, and to help a programmer get started. For mastery, consider my The C++ Programming Language, Fourth Edition (TC++PL4) [Stroustrup,2013]. In fact, this book is an extended version of the material that constitutes Chapters 2-5 of TC++PL4, also entitled A Tour of C++. I have added extensions and improvements to make this book reasonably self-contained. The structure of this tour follows that of TC++PL4, so it is easy to find supplementary material. Similarly, the exercises for TC++PL4 that are available on my Web site (www.stroustrup.com) can be used to support this tour.

The assumption is that you have programmed before. If not, please consider reading a textbook, such as Programming: Principles and Practice Using C++ [Stroustrup,2009], before continuing here. Even if you have programmed before, the language you used or the applications you wrote may be very different from the style of C++ presented here.

Table of Contents

  1. The Basics
  2. User-Defined Types
  3. Modularity
  4. Classes
  5. Templates
  6. Library Overview
  7. Strings and Regular Expressions
  8. I/O Streams
  9. Containers
  10. Algorithms
  11. Utilities
  12. Numerics
  13. Concurrency
  14. History and Compatibility

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