A Complete Guide to Programming in C++

Programming in C++Free download A Complete Guide to Programming in C++ in PDF written by Ulla Kirch-Prinz, Peter Prinz and published by Jones and Bartlett Publishers. 

According to the Authors, ” This book was written for readers interested in learning the C++ programming language from scratch, and for both novice and advanced C++ programmers wishing to enhance their knowledge of C++. It was our goal from the beginning to design this text with the capabilities of serving dual markets, as a textbook for students and as a holistic reference manual for professionals. The C++ language definition is based on the American National Standards Institute ANSI Standard X3J16. This standard also complies with ISO norm 14882, which was ratified by the International Standardization Organization in 1998. The C++ programming language is thus platform-independent in the main with a majority of C++ compilers providing ANSI support. New elements of the C++ language, such as exception handling and templates, are supported by most of the major compilers. 

The chapters in this book are organized to guide the reader from elementary language concepts to professional software development, with in-depth coverage of all the C++ language elements en route. The order in which these elements are discussed reflects our goal of helping the reader to create useful programs at every step of the way.

Table of Contents

  1. Fundamentals, Development and Properties of C++, OOP
  2. Fundamental Types, Constants, and Variables
  3. Using and Function Classes
  4. Input and Output with Streams
  5. Operators for Fundamental Types
  6. Control Flow
  7. Symbolic Constants and Macros 
  8. Converting Arithmetic Types
  9. The Standard Class String
  10. Functions
  11. Storage Classes and Namespaces
  12. References and Pointers 
  13. Defining Classes
  14. Methods
  15. Member Objects and Static Members
  16. Arrays
  17. Array and Pointers
  18. Fundamental of  File Input and Output
  19. Overloading Operators
  20. Type Conversion for Classes 
  21. Dynamic Memory Allocation
  22. Dynamic Members
  23. Inheritance
  24. Type Conversion in Class Hierarchies
  25. Polymorphism
  26. Abstract Classes
  27. Multiple Inheritance
  28. Exception Handling
  29. More About Files
  30. More About Pointers
  31. Manipulating Bits
  32. Templates
  33. Containers
  34. Appendixes

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