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Data StorageFree download Data Storage book Edited by Florin Balasa and Published by Intech d.o.o. in PDF.

Many different forms of storage, based on various natural phenomena, has been invented. So far, no practical universal storage medium exists, and all forms of storage have some drawbacks. Therefore, a computer system usually contains several kinds of storage, each with an individual purpose.

Traditionally, the most important part of a digital computer is the central processing unit (CPU or, simply, a processor), because it actually operates on data, performs calculations, and controls all the other components. Without a memory, a computer would merely be able to perform fixed operations and immediately output the result. It would have to be reconfigured to change its behavior. This is acceptable for devices such as desk calculators or simple digital signal processors. Von Neumann machines differ in that they have a memory in which they store their operating instructions and data. Such computers are more versatile in that they do not need to have their hardware reconfigured for each new program, but can simply be reprogrammed with new in-memory instructions. Most modern computers are von Neumann machines.

This book first addresses types of constraints of modulation codes. Afterwards, the one-dimensional modulation codes, adopted in the current optical storage systems (like EFM for CD’s, EFMPlus for DVD’s, 17PP for Blu-ray discs), are presented. Next, the chapter focuses on two-dimensional modulation codes for holographic data storage systems – the block codes and the strip codes. It further discusses the advantages and disadvantages of variable-length modulation codes in contrast to fixed-length modulation codes.

Table of Contents

  1. Modulation Codes for Optical Data Storage
  2. Signal Processing in Holographic Data Storage
  3. Optical Data Storage in Photosensitive Glasses and Spin State Transition Compounds
  4. Data Representation for Flash Memories
  5. Design and Implementation of FPGA-Based Systolic Array for LZ Data Compression
  6. Design of Simple and High Speed Scheme to Protect Mass Storages
  7. Administration and Monitoring Service for Storage Virtualization
  8. Power-Aware Memory Allocation for Embedded Data-Intensive Signal Processing Applications
  9. High Throughput Architecture for High Performance NOC
  10. Non-Volatile Memory Interface Protocols for Smart Sensor Networks and Mobile Devices
  11. Electronic Nose System and Artificial Intelligent Techniques for Gases Identification
  12. Medical Image Intelligent Access Integrated with Electronic Medical Records System for Brain Degenerative Disease 
  13. Use of RFID Tags for Data Storage on Quality Control in Cheese Industries

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