Clean Architectures in Python

Clean Architectures in PythonFee download Clean Architectures in Python book in PDF written by Leonardo Giordani and Published by Lean Publishing.

This book is about a software design methodology. A methodology is a set of guidelines that help you reach your goal effectively, thus saving time, implementing far-sighted solutions, and avoiding the need to reinvent the wheel time and again.

As other professionals around the world face problems and try to solve them, some of them, having discovered a good way to solve a problem, decide to share their experience, usually in the form of a “best practices” post on a blog, or talk at a conference. We also speak of patterns¹, which are formalized best practices, and anti-patterns, when it comes to advice about what not to do and why it is better to avoid a certain solution.

The architecture explained in this book has many names, but the one that is mainly in use nowadays is “clean architecture”. This is the name used by Robert Martin in his seminal post² where he clearly states this structure is not a novelty, but has been promoted by many software designers over the years.

The clean architecture concepts are independent from the language, but the implementation obviously leverages what a specific language allows you to do, so this book is about the clean architecture and an implementation of it that I devised using Python. I really look forward to seeing more books about the clean architecture that explore other implementations in Python and in other languages.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to TDD
  2. On Unit Testing
  3. Mocks
  4. Components of Clean Architecture
  5. A Basic Example
  6. Error Management
  7. Database Repositories

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